Classroom Challenge - Note for teachers

To facilitate learning and robust class discussion, we have prepared two classroom challenges for your students to complete which can be downloaded below. Ibec will email a Teachers Pack to all registered schools a week before the event which will include the answers! The challenges are comprised of two short 15 minutes quizzes based on information hosted on our virtual booths from our ‘Skills & Learning’ and ‘Industries’ exhibition areas.

To help you run a successful classroom challenge, here are our top tips:

Getting ready

Print out the student’s version and distribute the sheets to all students on the morning of the event

Ensure all students can access the platform from their personal devices using their email address and are familiar with the exhibition area

We recommend that you screen the plenary sessions on a big screen in the classroom and watch as a group, and that during the breaks the students explore the event platform and exhibition areas from their own personal devices.

During the event

The answers to all questions can be found by browsing the education and industries booths in our virtual exhibition area on the event platform. We have factored in 20 minutes breaks between the session, and we suggest the students use this time to visit the relevant booths and gather the information to answer the challenges.

Remember all the sessions and information will be available on the event platform for 90 days, so you may wish to grant additional time to the classroom challenge if the students require more time to complete the quizzes.

You may want to run some type of reward/incentive for the students who answer all correctly.

After the Event

Carve out some time in the afternoon or the next day, post the conference, to share the answers with the class.

Use this time for a meaningful discussion post event to get their feedback on their preferred topics, speakers and discover the information they found interesting or did not know before.